A Marine and His Buzzies

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A Tim*, a 39-year-old marine vet with five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq has also witnessed a revolution in Egypt, the peace process in Colombia, and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.  Tim's exposure to conflict, stress, and life-threatening scenarios could have depleted anyone's ability to stay resilient and healthy. 

Over the years in such hostile conditions, Tim sought guidance for personal and team resiliency skills based in neuroscience. Today, Tim and his team use Buzzies  as a vital tool to reduce stress in the moment, recover from stress due to critical events, and improve cohesiveness and overall productivity.

“I first starting using Buzzies during obvious stressful situations, like dealing with difficult business situations, or my ex; now I find myself wanting to apply Buzzies’ calming results to all personal and professional relationships, emails, meetings, and decision making. I gain a special confidence knowing my decisions are driven by facts, void of counter-productive fear and anxiety,” says Tim, who uses Buzzies daily.

“Reducing my own personal stress helped me recognize how the stress of those around me plays a role in my life. The next level of my personal stress reduction is to reduce the stress and drama of those in my inner circles. Putting Buzzies in the hands of those around me and reducing the stress for family, friends, business partners, and employees has more than paid for itself in peace and productivity.”  I would encourage anyone to try Buzzies and share their stories so we can impact change in ourselves, our families, our work groups, and the larger communities.”    #BuzziesWork

Military Stress

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