Buzzies Help 6-year old’s Morning Anxiety- Whole Family Benefits

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Stressful Morning Routines
I’m a 36-year-old working professional and mother of a six-year-old that bears more than her share of anxiety. In our household, mornings are difficult and set a negative tone for our day when the family is forced to handle the spill-over stress of our sweet but worried little Angela. Dreading the morning used to be a part of my nightly worry, until our Buzzies arrived.
Along Came Buzzies
The first morning we used Buzzies, it was a night and day difference! Angela’s meltdown miraculously didn’t happen.  My husband and I looked at each other with disbelief and then relief as we were able to relax, knowing the meltdown wasn’t even starting. Recognizing the power of these simple and tiny devices I incorporated Buzzies into Angela’s routine every morning. Over time we got so used to the improved behavior we stopped using the Buzzies. Immediately after we let Buzzies fall out of our routine we noticed a residual impact; the good routine continued even without Buzzies but after a few weeks, Angela had a stressful situation at school and then next morning, without Buzzies, a meldown returned.
Buzzies Return
Instead of the dread I would usually feel,  I felt calm knowing the Buzzies would work again, we just needed to reintroduce them.  Mornings again turned into a positive and bright start to our days. Without having to deal with morning tantrums our family enjoys time together, we aren’t rushing and late, I don’t drop my daughter at school and have consuming negative thoughts of worry about my daughter’s upcoming day, or my husband’s stress level, or the guilt of losing my temper with my other children. I have so much gratitude for Buzzies and for the positive changes that extend to all of our family members. 
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