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There is a buzz about Buzzies! The world is discovering BLAST technology, and people are using Buzzies to sleep better, focus, perform better at work and manage stress. Buzzies are even helping people to manage Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. This week, The TouchPoint Solution announced the progress of the scholarship program, Phoenix Magazine highlighted Buzzies and Buzzies user Brad shared his story wearing Buzzies to overcome his fear of heights.

TouchPoint Solution Gives 150 Buzzies to Scholarship Winners in First Four Months of Production

13 News - WOWK | April 5, 2017

Touchpoint Solution, the parent company of Buzzies, has given more than 150 families across the world Buzzies through the Buzzies scholarship in the past four months since beginning production. Scholarships are available based on financial need.

“Ever since we created The Touchpoint Solution and Buzzies, our goal has been to bring relief to the millions of people who suffer from stress and anxiety so they can be their best selves,” said Vicki Mayo, CEO and co-founder of The Touchpoint Solution. “Our scholarship program helps with this goal and allows us to give Buzzies to people who need it most but might not be able to afford it.” Read more here...

Left to Your Own Devices

By Sunaina Tandon | Phoenix Magazine | April 2017

Scottsdale neuropsychologist and mom Dr. Amy Serin created Buzzies, a non-invasive device used to relieve stress and anxiety, to help her patients and her own two children who have ADHD and anxiety. Buzzies ($239 each) are wristbands that resemble fitness trackers. They connect to an Android- and Apple-compatible app to create soothing vibrations based on individuals’ needs. Serin partnered with her friend, child advocate Vicki Mayo, to bring the device to the public. Their patent is currently pending. Serin and Mayo say that using Buzzies for at least five minutes a day improves focus, reduces cravings, helps with anger management and leads to better sleep.  Read more here...

Brad's Story: "I Can Feel the Fear Just Melt Away"

Buzzies Blog


Buzzies can help reduce 71 percent of stress in 30 seconds. Buzzies user Brad uses his Buzzies to manage his fear of heights while he is hiking. Read what Brad has to say about joining the Buzzies Revolution:

My personal experience with Buzzies has been great. I love hiking, but I'm terribly afraid of heights/cliffs, and it makes me panic to even watch anyone get near a cliff edge. When I'm around heights and I turn on the Buzzies, I can feel the fear just melt away and it's like I'm having a completely different experience. I'm even able to look over the cliff edge and take in the great views.  It has made my trips to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon much more enjoyable. And my wife has enjoyed it too, because I've stopped yelling at her and my kids to get away from the edge.

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