Marketing Professional and Daughter Both Benefit from Buzzies

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Brandon* is a marketing consultant, husband, and father of two children.  When his wife asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said “Buzzies.”  Brandon felt low grade tension and stress most days and he tended to procrastinate at work when he became anxious. Upon arriving home each night, irritation and short-tempered resulted when he couldn’t shut off work thoughts from continuing to feel stressful. 

His wife ordered Buzzies for him and also for her 10-year-old daughter who was struggling with stress during math class and during daily homework.  Brandon now wears Buzzies before work for about 20 minutes each day and again in the evening for about 20 minutes.  Brandon’s wife noticed “it takes the edge off” and he notices that he is more present and calm each night.  His daughter wears Buzzies in her socks at school during math class and is now able to get through class without melting down and needing to go outside of the classroom.  Her mother also has her put Buzzies on during homework and before sleep and is happy to report "she sleeps through the night now, which means we all sleep through the night!" 

Parents and working professionals are coming up with creative ways to improve family, school, and work using Buzzies.  Please share your stories with us so you can be a part of #BuzziesRevolution!

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