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Dear Buzzies Clients, 

When Dr. Serin and I began The TouchPoint Solution a year ago we had one goal: make Buzzies affordable and accessible so that everyone could be their best self. Thanks to our customers, this dream is becoming a reality! 

Over the past few weeks, I have truly enjoyed reading all your posts, tweets, emails and speaking with many of you. Thank you for all of your honest, open feedback! 

All your comments turned the TouchPoint Team into “Buzzie Bees” working hard to make improvements for you!

Here’s where we’ve improved: 

  1. Watchbands. We heard you :)  The clasp watchbands are hard to adjust and easily uncouple from the Buzzies. We searched and brainstormed and came up with a watchband that is 100% adjustable and uses a metallic clasp. The new watchband fits snugly with an attached pin to prevent uncoupling. If you have already received your Buzzies and would like an updated watchband, please email us at along with your order number and our customer service team will send out complimentary wristbands. Please share your thoughts with us once you have had a chance to try them out!
  1. Less noise. We heard you again (pun intended). Many people are wearing Buzzies in quiet settings (classrooms, during presentations and performances) and expressed the need for a quieter Buzzies product. Our engineers started working around the clock to find a solution to make Buzzies more discrete. Their hard work resulted in Buzzies that are quieter; in fact, Buzzies are now 10% quieter than the vibration of the current iPhone.  
  1. Your Buzzies, your way. Buzzies give you the freedom to be YOU. Many of you expressed a desire to customize how you wear your Buzzies. Our production team got to work experimenting with multiple pods, clips, and attachments. Ultimately, we created a new clip that easily slides onto the Buzzies. All orders placed after December 10, 2016 will automatically receive a set of clips. If you purchased Buzzies prior to December 10 and would like to receive a complimentary set of clips, please email us at  along with your order number.  

Our commitment to our customers is that we will always strive for you to have the best Buzzies experience; from our products to customer experience.  

On behalf of the TouchPoint Team, we thank you for the trust you have placed in us and we will continue to strive to be the best for you!

Please continue the conversation with us on social and share updates with us about the product upgrades we are sharing with you! 

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Thank you, 

Vicki Mayo, CEO 


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