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My son has Autism and despite intervention from psychiatrists and therapists he isn't making progress. He has recently been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, bordering on a phobia, and has stopped doing the things he used to enjoy. Even going to school is a fight and most days someone is having to go and pick him up because he has had a meltdown. It is like his ability to self regulate has vanished into thin air. If it continues I am going to have to give up my job and home school him. This is hard when we, my son and I, live solely on my income alone. During his first year of high school he was bullied so severely that he attempted to take his own life and ended up under psychiatric care. I have since moved him to a different school and nothing of the sort has occurred that I know of to trigger this decline in behavior. For a while he was calm and back to his usual quirky self, but the past few months have seen a decline in his moods and he is always in a heightened state of fear or anxiety. His grades have dropped and I have been told he won't be able to sit his leaving certificate in the future because he won't reach the targeted grades needed. I don't want to give him medication at such a young age when there are other interventions, like Buzzies, that could work. My son's psychiatrist was the one who mentioned an article he'd seen on Buzzies and I began researching all I could. I don't want to lose my son as he is my only child and my whole world. He is the reason I get up each morning and I fight for awareness, understanding and compassion for children on the Autism Spectrum. I am his advocate and I need your help. Thank you for taking the time to read our plight.
    Buzzies would be used solely for my son to assist with self regulation and allow him to feel a sense of safety and calmness in his life. I am hoping it can trigger something in his brain to change the brainwaves or something rather than do it chemically. They would become part of his therapy program that also includes OT, psychiatry, sport therapy and social skills development we can try.