Gina Dollarhide Crowdfunding Campaign

I am a single Mom working 2 jobs. There really isn't a fancy story to explain why this  would be so very helpful other than life and how expensive it is for a single parent. This would be so greatly appreciated!
    My son, Carter, has Asperger's. He will be 21 in September. He is an amazing, smart, loving, talented young man who has such a longing to "belong". I chose to home school Carter at the beginning of his 4th grade year. In our home state, Oklahoma, there just is not anything for children on the Autism spectrum. Our school systems have no training and that makes public school very difficult for young people like my son. To this day, Carter suffers from social anxiety. He honestly has no friends outside of family and his heart longs for something we often take for granted...a friend. Social anxiety leads to depression for Carter. He so badly wants to have an independent life. His Dad isn't involved in his life & sadly, I won't be here forever. It is my prayer and hope that something will come along that can possibly aid Carter to becoming an independent young man so that his dreams can become reality. Thanks so much for your consideration for my son.