Shauna Bush-Cooper Crowdfunding Campaign

I am a mom of 7 children. I have 6 biological children and 1 adopted . My daughter has severe anxiety, a rare Chromoaome disorder. My adopted son has PTSD, and a rare condition, ccm3. Hemangiomas all over his brain. Both of them due to their conditions, high risk, are extremely limited on medications they can take to help either of them. My daughter eats her clothes, has an extremely hard time at school. My husband, my 6 kids stepdad is the only income. We adopted Dawsen together. My childrens' biological father doesn't help financially. I also have a son with ADHD, gets in trouble a lot in school for not staying seated. This would be such a bigger benefit to our entire family!!!
    Not only would buzzies help my kids on a daily basis, it will help in every aspect of could also be a great way to show other parents in my socialization group for special needs kids how awesome they are and maybe benefit more kids! My son with PTSD, who is 10 cannot ever take any meds because they could kill him. He's only in 3rd grade because of all of this. Meds can also cause his brain to bleed and be paralyzed for life. He takes anti seizure meds twice a day. There are too many blood clots to count. Both My daughters have extreme anxiety. My youngest has a rare chromosome disorder that affects 1 of 58 people in the world. She's 8 years old and just now in 1st grade. Didn't walk or talk until 4 yrs old. Her anxiety is very bad. Limits so much for her to do. She bangs her head, has SPD, autistic tendencies also. My son with ADHD has a hard time learning at school and sitting still. My older daughter is on anxiety meds, shes 15 , but doesn't even like to leave the house very much. Your product is amazing!!! If it doesn't help ill gladly return it. But please please consider us! Thank you.